We are a Wholistic and Nutritional-based Chiropractic office located in the Littleton/Centennial area of Colorado. Our focus is well-being and disease-prevention. We maintain a participatory practice where patients are actively involved in their own care and are encouraged to carry ongoing discussions with Doc John about their health.

Our mission is to serve our patients so that we build health through lifetime relationships. We believe health is your most valuable resource, and we seek to reverse the current trend that dis-ease is normal and inevitable as you age! Here, in an informal and safe place, you will learn how the body heals itself and what you can do to support this process.

Doc John offers guidance along a path that respects and works with the body’s innate intelligence. Wherever you are in your health care, we welcome you.

Gentle Care for Deep Healing

 Dr. John J. Conrardy is a Palmer Graduate that specializes in Full Spine, Soft Tissue Orthopedics, Logan Basic, and Upper Cervical Techniques.