Our Services & What to Expect

When one becomes a patient, they can anticipate a lot of personal interaction with doc john. We have a participatory practice and we teach our patients to expect as much from us as we do from them. We believe seeing patients on a regular basis builds an educated patient, a well patient, and a community of health.  We work with people in advanced stages of disease, as well as people who desire prevention and maintenance. We endeavor to support the spine and its structure and functioning, as well as, strengthen the body's immune system through organ work and nutritional counseling, so that your body is enabled to heal itself.  

We practice a revolutionary “open room concept
 because we believe health is a shared phenomenon.  Just as disease can spread, health can spread!  Open room means that after a patient’s three initial visits, the patient is adjusted in an open room with up to five additional people. We find that in an open room, patients are exposed to more education than if they were secluded to a room by themselves. 

If you become our patient, you can expect the following: 
*  Spinal Adjustments (lasting approximately 15 minutes or more if you need it)
*  Whole Body Organ Work (Chiropractic Adjustive Reflex Technique)  
*  Affordable Health Care Plans
*  Food and Nutritional Coaching/Support (ongoing or periodic-per patient)
*  Individualized Reviews of your Spinal Health 
*  Ongoing Patient Education through individual and community interaction
*  Suggestions for Whole Food Supplements and Herbs
*  Lifestyle Counseling and Encouragement/Management of Stress
*  Doctor administered use of “Protomorphogen™ brand extracts pioneered by Royal Lee, founder of Standard Process Inc.
*  Bio-Energetic Work

New Patients must call for an initial, three-visit exam
.  These three initial visits must be completed in one week and include:  

2 exams using non-invasive surface Electromyography (EMG), Spinal Thermography, a Chiropractic Orthopedic exam, 3 spinal adjustments, and a final review of findings with consultation.

Once you become a patient, visits/adjustments are not scheduled. Our office works on a walk-in basis and rarely do patients wait (5-10 minutes is the typically the longest).   

We believe in offering affordable health care because ultimately your health is up to you, not your doctor, insurance companies, or the system.  Personal Responsibility is the only way for one to be in control of their health!  We offer several individual and family plans to choose from which are discussed at the third visit.  Please call the following number for your initial visit.