Patient Testimonials

"Spring is for Gardeners.  I’m a gardener.  This year I have had the best health, energy, and enthusiasm than I have had in a number of years.  Recently, I stopped to evaluate this rejuvenation.  After accomplishing in one day, what would have taken three days in recent years, I realized the value of Dr. John’s treatment.  He is the catalyst for the rebirth of my stamina and thus my yard.  

Initially, I just wanted to fix my hiatal hernia.  It was causing digestive discomfort and bloating.  My M.D. had made the problem worse by prescribing drugs.  Dr. John addressed my needs immediately giving me real relief.  I had no idea what to expect of a Chiropractor.  I still don’t.  Dr. John doesn’t strike me as a stereotype of anything.  He is however, the most knowledgeable, caring, and thorough health care provider I have ever known.  

Once my immediate concerns were taken care of, Dr. John went on to care for the other stuff:  breathing has returned to easy and natural; skin and hair are thicker and healthier; posture is better; thyroid is alive and working; circulation and color seem improved; and last but not least, my bone mineral density is improved.  Even though there is more to do, my spring is better than ever! " Great thanks to Dr. John Conrardy!        ....Muriel G. Parker       

"[John’s] style was different from my previous caregiver.  I really wasn’t into the “snap, crackle, pop” style, so I was thrilled when I discovered that Dr. John was NOT that type. Doctor John is a truly holistic healer.  The spine is important, but so is the physical, mental, and emotional health….. I had severe constipation since I was 10.  By listening to his recommendations and taking the natural [whole raw food] supplements and other steps …I have all but eliminated that problem.  My digestion has improved to the point that I can eat some foods that had bothered me for years! He believes that the bowels are the key to good health and I must admit that certainly has made a huge difference for me……He always has natural replacement suggestions for whatever ails you, whether it be for gardening, your pet, or yourself……All of the supplements are organic and are basic food products.....To me, there is nothing more important than my health and well-being… it takes a commitment to yourself…  He is truly one of the kindest, most generous people I know and his spirit is gentle and healing."             ....Ann L.

“My health history consisted of chronic Candida, chronic fatigue, anxiety, lower back pain, neck pain, and an overall lack of interest in life.  Since you have been treating me, the work we've done together along with all the incredible energy of others in the office, have diminished my health issues greatly and my ability to cope with life has gotten considerably easier...even though I still have days that I struggle, I bounce back quicker and with greater ease…. We are so fortunate to have found a doctor who cares for each and every one of us!!!"          ....Sandy S.

"I have been a patient of Dr. John Conrardy for the last eight months.  Although in the past, I have seen a traditional chiropractor, Dr. John is the first Chiropractor that treats patients through energy work and organ work.  I am currently twenty-one weeks pregnant with my second child.  I had some severe issues while pregnant with my first son, Daniel.  Because of these issues, I am being screened very closely by high risk specialists.  When I told Dr. John about my pregnancy, he started his organ work on me.  My pregnancy so far has gone without a hitch and I have been feeling great.  I found out some new information a week ago at my nineteen week ultrasound.  It turns out that I do not have a normal placenta, which means in my situation, my blood flows to and from the placenta in a very abnormal pattern.  This can be a problem that can lead to a smaller fetus and additional complications.  As my medical doctor continued the ultrasound to check all of my baby’s vitals (to make sure it is developing appropriately), he noticed that my baby presented a bit bigger than it should be for its age in weeks.  My doctor then concluded that although I have this abnormal placenta issue, my baby is developing wonderfully and is looking great.  When I got home I was thinking about the fact that I am having energy work as well as organ work – when I explained all of this to Dr. John, he just smiled and said how this was an example of his organ work – and how the body - whether it is in full capacity to work or if it has some stumbling blocks in place, will always try to compensate for whatever it may be lacking.  For instance, a body can continue to work with only one kidney.  This organ work is helping my body compensate for what it is lacking, in order to help my baby grow and progress normally.                ....Denise S.