Our lives exist within a paradigm of tension and stress.  As we achieve ease, our entire being (mentally, spiritually, and physically) will function at an optimum. This ease will allow us to experience the true essence of this journey we call life.  This is how we change the world one person at a time!     doc john



What kind of body are we going to have next year? 


Contrary to popular belief, our physical body is never older than seven years!  This is due to the fact that the body re-creates itself constantly.  Tissue cells die and are replaced by new ones. Every second we lose about three-and-one-half million red blood cells.  There is nothing to worry about though, for another three-and-one-half million are born to replace the old ones.  Ninety-eight percent of the atoms present in our body today will be gone within one year and be replaced by new ones.  The body is more like a river of constantly renewed tissues rather than a frozen sculpture of decaying matter.


Skin cells live for seven days, heart cells for ninety days, while bone cells have a thirty-six- month lifespan.  There is a different life expectancy for every type of tissue cell depending on its function and location in the body.  Life energy, the creative force, is constantly at work creating our tissues and organs.


Life energy or “human electricity” travels via the nervous system to reach every single tissue cell in the body.  When nerves are compressed or irritated, there is a loss of life, abnormal function results, and the reproduction cycle of the cells is altered.  We either have a slower rate of reproduction, which is degeneration or decay, or we have a faster rate of turnover, which is uncontrolled growth or tumors.


The question we must all ask ourselves is what kind of body are we going to have next year?  Is it going to be a healthier one or a sicker one?  Is it going to replace itself normally or abnormally?  Is it going to express more ease or dis-ease?  If already in the state of degeneration and decay, it is going to keep going downhill, or is it going to re-build itself?  If a state of dis-ease exists, are we going to give our body the potential to heal itsself, or will we express more dis-ease.


Chiropractic is special in that it utilizes the adjusting of the vertebral (spinal) subluxations or blockage that interferes with Life Force expression.  The result is a body that has the potential to reproduce itself normally and recover by healing itself.


Healing is creation, and the creative spark his life.  Consistent chiropractic adjustments release life force by keeping the life channels open and free of subluxation.  In time, the body can recover and express better health.


In seven years we will have a brand new body, and what kind is it going to be?


                                                                                    By Arno Burnier, D.C.