My thoughts about the Chiropractic Care & the Coronavirus:

First, a positive attitude is essential! Don’t feed the beast with negative thoughts or fear. We all need to be reminded to think positively – thoughts become self-fulfilling prophecies!  Remember, there’s no time to get sick.

Now, the Nervous System, when modulated through chiropractic, is the secret to decimating pathogens in the human body.  Chiropractic enables the Nervous System to be optimized.  This optimization readily occurs with consistent chiropractic care and is one of the most effective ways in keeping its resistance to pathogens, such as the Coronavirus, at bay.  To increase immunity and resistance to this virus, receive regular adjustments, take nutritional supplementation, maintain good sleep patterns, ingest adequate hydration, reduce stress, and maintain a positive mental attitude. As you all know, frequent spinal adjustments keep the body in communication with the brain, which optimizes the reaction time and orchestrates the killing of pathogens.

Nutritional supplementation for the immune system starts with two essential Standard Process (SP) products:  Congaplex and Calcium Lactate, both of which feed and fortify the organs that fight pathogens, i.e., the Coronavirus.

Daily use of Black Elderberry syrup and lozenges is effective in keeping the respiratory system in vigorous condition.

Another important supplement is SP’s Lactic Acid Yeast, which is an extremely potent probiotic that keeps the gut healthy. Remember, everything starts in the gut, including your immunity!

To fill the gaps of what you may not be getting in your diet, consider  SP’s Cyrofood and Catalyn; they are multivitamins/mineral supplements.

Stress reduction is also essential in keeping the immune system functioning optimally.  It is a known fact that stress depletes the body of many essential nutritional and stored biological products needed for a healthy life and for fighting pathogens.  So good sleep habits are necessary! The body needs a minimum of 6-8 hours every night, with 7-8 being optimal. Too little or too much sleep stresses the body, particularly the brain.

Hydration-half a gallon of water daily is bare-bones minimum, and drink more if possible.  Water enables the body to detox and process as it should. Our bodies are mostly water, and this keeps fluids moving the nutrients and waste byproducts in and out of the cells for health, and for fighting infections, i.e., the Coronavirus.  All these suggestions will take you a long way in avoiding viruses, infections, colds, etc.

In an interesting comparison of the two major schools of  health, Allopathy (traditional medicine) and Chiropractic, a glaring example comes to mind about the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic. During this plague, more than 500 million people were infected, which was approximately 1/3 of the planet’s entire population!  There were an estimated 20-50 million victims which included 675,000 Americans (Wikipedia). The following gives a comparison of survival rate statistics for the Spanish Flu of 1918 based upon medical vs. chiropractic healthcare (The Official History of Chiropractic in Texas, Chapter VI., Walter R. Rhodes, D.C.): 

In Iowa: 

Medical Treatment: 93,590 influenza cases with 6,116 deaths occurred. 1 out of 15 people died (6.7%). 

 Chiropractic Treatment: 4,735 influenza cases with 6 deaths. 1 out of 780 people died (0.13%).


In New York:  

Medical Treatment: 10,000 influenza cases with 950 deaths. 1 one out of 11 people died (9.1%). 10,000 pneumonia cases with 6,400 deaths. 1 out of 1.56 died (64%).

Chiropractic Treatment:  10,000 influenza cases with 25 deaths. 1 out of 400 people died (0.25%).  10,000 pneumonia cases with 100 deaths. 1 out of 100 died(1%).


Regular Chiropractic Care improves the resistance and response time to invaders, such as germs and viruses.

Some things to think about!

doc john