Our Philosophy & Practice

We believe in………  
Gentle Chiropractic Adjustments
Affordable Health Care
Healthy, Organic Whole Foods
Clean Water 
Moving, Strengthening Body thru Exercise
Periodic Detoxification
Whole Food Supplements
Managing Stress & Emotions


....as the foundation for wellness. 

If you lack any of the above, you are missing an essential 

component in your journey toward well-being,

and a greater tendency towards dis-ease exists.  

Our philosophy is old-time chiropractic. We believe

all dis-ease, no matter what you label it, is caused by

the body’s mis-communication within it's self,

(i.e., lack of communication with innate) 

and inadequate nutrition.  

We strive to educate and empower our patients,

as ultimately they are the ones that heal themselves. 

In this way, we promote self-responsibility.

We strive to teach our patients about quality of life.  

We believe in prevention.  

The body heals itself.  This is its innate power.

We work to enable the body’s ability to heal.

One of the laws of the universe is that everything is a process 
and takes time.  Just as disease is a process, so is healing.  
The two are intimately connected and in all of us.  

In the process of healing, we encourage patients to 
become aware of their body and what it is telling them.

Because everything in life and the Universe is connected (wholism), 
we integrate various modalities of natural healing 
in order to build a foundation for health.

We promote a common-sense attitude towards nutrition

We wish for everyone to own Easenot Dis-ease.

We practice respect of the body’s inner wisdom.

We open avenues in the body through gentle adjustments, 
allowing for optimal wellness and integrative healing of

your mind, body and soul.

Our focus is on long-term wellness.
We aim to challenge current societal thinking that health equates 
with youth, and that as one ages, dis-ease is inevitable.  

Health is harmony within the various aspects of the self, 
not just absence of dis-ease.

We serve our patients through continual support, dialogues and education.